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See what our clients have to say!


Lora is absolutely amazing! I had been dressing the same way since middle school and I've hated shopping for as long as I can remember. I've also hated my body for about as long. Nothing fit right, I never like the way I looked, and I ended up in the same 'uniform' I had been wearing since the dawn of time- enter Lora.  She put together looks that came from my closet with small additions of new pieces- a sweater, a necklace, or different shoes- it elevated my look immediately and made pieces I've owned for years feel new again! All of the pieces are from local stores and local designers. She chose patterns and colors that I'd never pick on my own and every combination made me feel beautiful. I wasn't judging myself, I was loving who I saw looking back at me for the first time in my life. Working with Lora was the therapy I needed.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and schedule a consult! Lora is the best friend you need to clear your closet and leave you feeling better than you've ever felt before.

-Jenn, Chicago, IL


I’ve been working with Lora since 2014 and I just adore her. Whether I need a capsule wardrobe for a trip, accessories for an outfit, help planning for a special event, cleaning out my closet or “shopping” in my closet, or just hitting the refresh button for the season, I can always rely on her to find unique items that fit beautifully. I love that she works with and supports local designers and boutiques. She keeps me on the edge of fashion, while still being me. Working with Lora saves me tons of time and money because instead of just buying a random shirt that I have a hard time working into my existing wardrobe, I now have outfits ready for almost any occasion. Highly recommend.

-Carrie, Chicago, IL

What makes Shopping Girl XOXO distinct is the degree in which she listens to her clients’ unique style desires. The client questionaire and consultation are thorough and instrumental to the Shopping Girl XOXO process.  Lora’s own interpersonal style is caring and makes me feel comfortable working with her and sharing my confidences and insecurities as it relates to clothes, fit, style, etc. Lora is a delight to work with!

-Christine, Chicago, IL

I had the pleasure of working with Lora LaPratt for almost an entire Sunday. We made great progress in updating my wardrobe. She helped me purge things that were out of date or no longer suited my lifestyle in addition to helping me put together combinations that I had not used before. She also did a terrific job in shopping beforehand and bringing an assortment of clothes, shoes and jewelry of which I purchased multiple items. I’m looking forward to using the flip book with the pictures of the outfits we put together. A very rewarding and delightful experience, Lora is great.  I definitely plan to use her services again in the future.

-Laura, Lake Forest, IL

If you're working with Lora, you are going to feel better, look better and be ready to take on the world. I'd always thought a personal stylist was for the super rich or super famous. But after having my first child, so much had changed. My body was different, my work life had progressed, I was finding that I wasn't comfortable in my clothes anymore. Lora is force of grace in this department. She was able to assess, guide, and sometimes more firmly recommend what needed to go or stay in my wardrobe, but she did it like such an encouraging friend that it made the process fun. She came to my home, walked through my wardrobe and also brought two trunks full of my style, my size clothing options to try on. Things I never would have considered or had the courage the try, she made effortless on me. Even a killer dress to my upcoming 20 year high school reunion. It was transformational for me. I'd never felt so empowered to make other positive changes in my life so I gave myself a full makeover, have begun working out more frequently again. Overall, I feel better, look better and I'm so grateful to be working with Lora. I highly recommend her.

-Erin, Chicago, IL

I don't know where to start.  I was apprehensive to dive in, fearing that my style was a little too eclectic, or that it would be too expensive, but not only did Lora find amazing, unique, interesting pieces, she made it easy for me to try things that were a little more outside of my comfort zone (and still very much within my budget!) I couldn't believe how she was able to find so many great clothes at prices that I could afford. (Where are these things when I went shopping?)  
While I couldn't be happier with my mountain of new, beautiful, stylish looks, I want to stress that I also now have fallen in love with some of my existing clothes all over again.  She made me just as excited about pieces in my existing wardrobe as I was about the new clothes. I feel like a pretty fashion forward person, but the color and style combos she put together with me made clothes that I had given up on feel wearable and beautiful again!
I could not have been happier with her services and her choices for me.  She really takes the time to listen and understand, and brings champagne and snacks and makes it so much fun.
Last thing, and this might just be a personal thing for me, but I get nervous about having people come into my home and my room, but she is so cool and easy going.  It was a non-issue for me after 5 minutes because she is so easy to be around.  Truly amazing.  I can't wait to have another day with her!

-Alli, Chicago, IL

*(After her first S.G.XOXO Package)

I'm so glad I bid on a wardrobe analysis with Shopping Girl XOXO. It was reassuring to know the clothes I love can be transformed by simply adding a sweater, belt or necklace. I have fallen in love with my clothes all over and I love the way they look on me. I would recommend Shopping Girl XOXO to anyone looking to transform their closet or in search of that special item of clothing.


*(After many more S.G. XOXO Packages)"Just wanted to let you know I have been wearing a lot of the new outfits in the last two weeks and have received rave reviews!  It's making the stress of a new job much less.  Thanks so much!  Can't wait for the next meeting :)"

-Meghann, Chicago, IL 

Lora was recommended through my friend Julie who owns Hubba Hubba in Wilmette to help my daughter put a wardrobe together.  She's getting married and has no time to shop as she works overseas. We had a wonderful afternoon. Yes, she finds great clothes and listens to what you ask for. Yes she puts the outfits together for you and shows you how to wear what with what. Yes she is creative and fun and a pleasure to be with. And yes she looks for great prices and sales. But the best part is she makes you feel great about yourself. Any insecurities you may have about your body type vanish. You walk out of her showroom a new person. She's fun. She's adorable. And she's great at her job. So great, I ended up booking appointments with her too. A real find...-Betsy, Wilmette, IL

I had a great experience with The Shopping Girl XOXO.  My husband gave me a Wardrobe Analysis for my birthday.  With very little time to prep, she pulled together an entire head-to-toe wardrobe with accessories for my busy mom-on-the-go lifestyle.  Working with her was so much more efficient than trying to drag a toddler through boutiques or ordering randomly online.  Everything works together and is simple to coordinate.  I highly recommend!

-Sharon, Chicago, IL

Yes! I am going to have a long business relationship with Lora!! She is AMAZING.  Do yourself a BIG favor and do this one thing for yourself if you have any anxiety about clothes, what to wear, what to buy - ALL of that.  I have been dealing with this issue since a teenager - I am tall and difficult (in my view) to find anything that I feel good and comfortable and most importantly CONFIDENT in.  I felt instantly comfortable with Lora.  I work a corporate job during the day and also a singer/songwriter that plays out in Chicago.  I can't tell you how many times I have reconsidered doing gigs just because I was so anxious about - what I was going to wear.  I have the same issue at work. It is really what I should NOT be focusing on.  I recently had a photo shoot for a CD that I am releasing this year.  Lora assisted me with the clothes for the shoot and helped as a stylist during the shoot.  I am ecstatic about the results. I really like that Lora comes into your home. It makes sense, deal with the issue at the place where you have to encounter it every day!  She helps you with all of that.  She works mainly with local shops which I absolutely love. Lora is extremely kind, fun, AND very very smart.

-Melanie, Chicago, IL

I found Lora through yelp and the amazing reviews she's already gotten.  They are right! I had been talking with some friends about the pros and cons of some of the online personal shopping services and realized that I wanted to work with a real live person who could see me and get a real understanding of my taste, needs, and what might actually look good on me.  Lora has a comfortable, easy going way about her that makes you feel like old friends who can be honest with each other about what's working and what needs to go.  She asked a lot of questions ahead of the wardrobe review session so that she could come prepared with some great options for rounding out my wardrobe.  She's up front about budgets and preferences and she does a great job finding things that fit the financial comfort zone as well as the personal tastes!  I have found that in the weeks since my in home session, I have been  able to put things together in ways I wouldn't have thought of previously and the "I have nothing to wear" feeling is amazingly absent in the morning.  Totally worth the investment for this busy working mother who hates to shop!  I plan to use Lora's services on a seasonal basis going forward.-Shifra, Chicago, IL


Lora's exactly what I want in a personal shopper and have been unable to find with other shopping services like Trunk Club (tried them twice and came away both times with nothing) and the in-store shopper at Nordstrom (bought only 2 things--and I never wear either one).  I found Lora through Londo Mondo.  Two weeks later I had the best shopping experience In ages.  She made finding what I need so easy--she listened to my needs (and quirks) and sourced from small boutiques all over the city (meaning I didn't have to schlep all over town).  Somehow everything she brought me fit--even all the cool denim pieces I never would have considered on my own.  She figured out my style and gave me a healthy nudged towards new ideas.  Everything was within my price range--some great stuff was even on sale.  So happy.  Can't wait for round two! 

- Kate, Chicago, IL


Lora is phenomenal. I reached out to her because after my body had changed a bit (laziness, age, you know how it goes...), I forgot how to dress myself and only had a few wardrobe "pieces" (let's be honest, I was just wearing dresses because outfits are hard) that had been in pretty heavy rotation for the past couple of years. It was time for some changes.

I chose to work with Lora because she seemed relatable, funny, and friendly in our initial consultation. When she came to my home for the wardrobe analysis (this is essentially a full wardrobe overhaul...LOVED IT), she did not disappoint. I had a great time learning that a lot of the clothes I hadn't worn in a while no longer fit my "new body", really, I did. Lora made it as painless as possible and was so body positive.

The new clothes that she brought for me were perfect. In the short 45 minute initial consultation, she was somehow able to perfectly surmise my style. I have so many new pieces and a lookbook with notes to boot (take that, outfit planning!)

In conclusion, Lora is an amazing stylist to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future.

-Rebecca, Chicago, IL

It's been a month since I met Lora and she truly changed how I dress myself! The Shopping Girl XOXO service was given to me as a gift. Having a personal stylist was something I've always wanted/desperately needed to try, but would never treat myself to the experience. I have never been much of a shopper and considered myself a jeans/t-shirt gal or simple dresses, but I've always wanted to look more chic but still casual. Lora was amazing and hanging out with her for the day was a lot of fun! From the moment I met her she made me feel comfortable and helped me learn how to have fun with clothes. I now have the confidence to coordinate my wardrobe and have found how to breakout of my comfort zone. Lora is a true gem and an amazing gift (hint hint, men)! - Jenny, Chicago, IL

Long story short - Lora is amazing! If you are even dabbling with the idea of a personal stylist / shopper but are worried about the outcome, please contact Shopping Girl XOXO! More details in my review, but upfront want to say that this was all new to me but from the second I met Lora, any anxiety or worry was washed away and only confidence and excitement about my "look" and my wardrobe remain. As a working mom who has spent little to no time on myself, I can say, this was worth waiting for! Lora is professional, talented, fun, and (importantly and amazingly, reasonably priced!).

My 10th Anniversary was coming up and my husband and I were planning a week long no-kids trip. As we made our plans, I looked in my closet and said "I don't have anything to wear to all of these fun, fancy and hip places we are going to!". I also was generally feeling like my clothes were all stale and boring and I had truly just not spent time on thinking about my fashion in a long time, if ever! ... Enter Shopping Girl XOXO - she changed my life! After my very first consultation with Lora I already felt excited about my next steps toward a "fashion makeover". Being a working mom, I was looking for a few different categories of clothes - business clothes, hanging out / with the kids clothes and date night / cocktail party clothes. Lora seemed to "get me" right away and I was confident that when she came for my in house visit that I would have some options that worked. I never could have imagined how amazing it turned out. Lora spent 6 hours at my house, going through my closet, making choices on things that I haven't worn in forever or just looked worn out, picking out items that had promised but I had never known how to wear them "right" or to dress them up in a modern way and discussing what my "go to" looks were. 

Then came the fun part ... Lora had displayed piles and piles of new options for clothes, accessories and shoes on my bed and around the room. We went through one by one each piece, pairing together and putting together looks that I loved. It was truly amazing to see myself as I imagined I could be but not having the time or skill to know what works. At the end of the day, I ended up with more than I thought I would and under my budget. Somehow Lora gauged what I wanted and needed really perfectly. In the weeks since I have felt so inspired each time I open my closet and think about the day ahead. A usually boring business trip was super fun to plan for as I looked at my new clothes that I felt confident in and knew I would be up with the latest trends. I would certainly put "personal shopper" on the list of things that I never would have thought in a million years would be something I would do for myself but it was 110% worth it and feel like it is already enhancing my every day life! I am definitely looking forward to continuing to work with Lora as seasons change and special occasions arise!  -Lindsay, Chicago, IL

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